Webcasting Options

Remote participation

Confex Podium TM offers an efficient way for selected speakers to contribute to a conference even when they are unable to attend physically. Normally we do this by establishing a live web conferencing session between the remote speaker and the conference meeting room, so attendees can see and hear what the speaker has to say. Slides are projected on-screen in the meeting room just as if the speaker was there physically. And the audience can pose questions and obtain answers from the remote speaker if time permits. In the event time zone differences or technical limitations or scheduling conflicts prohibit a live session, we can work with the speaker to make a multimedia recording of his presentation that can be played back at the meeting.

In a similar fashion, speakers at the conference can be webcast live to remote locations. Our clients have used this approach, for example, to engage participation by sister societies in Europe or Asia during a conference in the United States.

Viewing on-demand

By far the most common way to use the Podium TM service is to distribute the recordings after the meeting. This permits professionals to access the information when they want, where they want. At our client’s option, we offer both: streaming delivery of the multimedia presentations for viewing online, and the possibility of downloading presentations for playback offline.

Online distribution can be limited to attendees, members, or other subscribers. Distribution to a limited audience can be offered freely or for a fee.