Confex PodiumTM

Confex Podium TM: Managing and recording conference presentations

Confex Podium TM is a unique suite of software and services for managing, recording, and sharing conference presentations in a manner that is easy to use, robust, and economical. Since its introduction in 2003, Podium has been deployed at hundreds of meetings and is now used to record and manage over 10,000 presentations every year. When a local network is available to link the speaker ready room to session rooms, Podium automatically moves presentations swiftly and reliably to the session rooms, even presentations including dozens of files and over two GB of video. When a local network would be prohibitively expensive, Podium’s “sneaker net” mode of operation has proven to be very effective even for very large meetings (over 80 rooms in use concurrently).

With PodiumTM you can:

  • Collect PowerPoint and other presentation files online and onsite.
  • Check those files, ensuring that they run properly in the meeting rooms.
  • Monitor the status of the presentation files, keeping track of what has yet to be received, and flagging presentations needing attention or being edited.
  • Distribute the files efficiently to the meeting rooms.
  • Cue presentations easily in every meeting room.
  • Record every presentation in a full-screen, synchronized, multimedia format.
  • Publish the recorded presentations promptly, on-line & on DVD.
  • Control access so you decide who sees the presentations, and at what price.