Conference Planning


Schedule Your Way, Not Ours.

In our experience providing conference planning tools, we have seen almost as many different scheduling methods and procedures as we have clients. This has informed our development over the years, and we now provide numerous methods for scheduling your conference. The more we develop relationships with new associations, the more we learn. When it comes to scheduling, don’t settle for a tool that doesn’t meet your specific needs. Choose a completely customizable interface designed with you in mind.

Reduce Human Error

Our scheduling tools and reports give you the piece of mind to plan your programming without worrying about scheduling conflicts, double-bookings, or capacity requirements. Why wait until you’re done scheduling to find conflicts? Use our the duplicate presenters report to detect participants that should be a critical focus during scheduling. Set room capacities and setup requirements in advance, and allow Confex to warn you when you’ve booked a session in a room where it simply will not fit. Run our conflict checker after you’ve completed scheduling to detect personal conflicts, from overlapping up to three hours apart. Once the schedule is finalized, integrate with personal scheduler to monitor expected attendance, and adjust your schedule to place popular sessions in high-capacity rooms.

Grid Scheduling Tool and Quick Scheduler

Are you still scheduling with sticky notes on a wall or index cards tacked to a bulletin board? Still dealing with the expensive inconvenience of flying your program planners in from around the globe? Upgrade to a virtual solution. When you open our grid scheduler, you’ll notice it looks very much like those old wall grids of the past. Project it on the wall for a full view of the conference as its currently scheduled, or join a WebEx conference to discuss the schedule with planners outside your office. Zero in on a particular day to see scheduling details. Easily detect conflicts and overbookings with color-coded warnings. Prefer more of a spreadsheet-like approach? Use the Confex Quick Scheduler to filter your sessions by type, program, or status (to name a few) and book them all at once.

You Make The Rules

It's your conference. If you have volunteers scheduling your program, Confex can make certain your scheduling procedures and business rules are followed. Allow volunteers to only access one particular program or symposium for scheduling. Restrict scheduling access to certain users. Prohibit double-booking. Let Confex automatically police the scheduling process so you can focus on all the other details of your meeting.