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Professional Development

Our goals for professionals

The Conference Exchange was started with the goal of facilitating access to conference presentations before or after they are given. For the past ten years we have been working with a broad range of professional societies to do just that, enabling our clients to spread the latest advances in their professions more widely and more efficiently.

Advances in information technology have allowed us to reduce costs as much as 100-fold compared to where we started in 1996. The widespread introduction of broadband services, and the introduction of DVD technology have given us the ability to distribute ever richer resources all over the globe.

Today we offer a broad range of products and services that enable our clients to accelerate the professional development of their members and others. These include:

  • Enhancements of the Confex Abstract System and of Confex PodiumTM to ensure compliance with ACCME guidelines and other accreditors.
  • Enabling conference speakers to attach amendments and addenda to their posted presentations
  • Permitting conference attendees to ask questions or send comments to conference presenters before or after the conference itself.
  • Extremely efficient methods for creating and distributing continuing education modules based on conference presentations.
  • Flexible e-commerce services for the instant delivery of standards, guidelines, reference works, research reports, software, and conference materials including multimedia recordings.