Abstract Collection


The Confex Approach

We help professional societies collect and manage hundreds of thousands of abstracts, manuscripts, and other files for hundreds of conferences and other projects annually. Our focus is on the content: collecting it, organizing it, and sharing it. We offer:

  • Over 18 years of experience, serving the largest and most demanding professional societies (ACR, AGU, APHA, ASCO, ASH, CDC, STTI…).
  • A full range of services, for meetings large and small, simple and complex.
  • Functionality that includes online collection, multiple levels of review, conference planning and task delegation, notification, copy-editing, personal scheduler, exhibits, post-acceptance data collection, and output to print, Web, and digital media such as CDs, DVDs and flash drives.
  • Custom appearance and behavior for each client and application.
  • Extremely flexible data collection forms with automatic validation.
  • A very easy user experience. Our systems are used by doctors and nurses, editors and engineers, security specialists and social workers, gym teachers and geologists, and people in nearly every country on the planet.
  • A hierarchical approach to password-protection that enables the delegation of selected programming tasks to volunteers.
  • Universal access where users require no special software or operating system.
  • Technical support seven days per week.
  • A focus on our client’s mission. We stay in the background, promoting our clients rather than ourselves.